How do Psychological Aspects Affect the Effects of Perfumes?

Published: 03rd October 2011
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A perfume is a mixture of aroma compounds, solvents, fragrant essential oils and other fixatives. The human body is like a scientific machine, and like every other machine, the human body also wears out with time, giving out unpleasant aspects like sweat, odor etc. Here comes the importance of perfumes, deodorants and further; the basic purpose of perfumes is to give a pleasant scent whenever and wherever applied.

It is often said that life is a small branch of psychology and hence psychology influences and impacts anything and everything where the mind is a part of the package. In the context of perfumes, fragrances, scents, deodorants and colognes, psychology has influenced the effects.

Now coming to the psychological aspects of perfumes, fragrance is a desired state of mind. People have associated heaven, beauty and immortality with fragrance. Such is the psychological effect of perfumes on the human mind. Some people have gone to the extent of claiming that perfumes generate happy hormones, but this facet doesn’t have the backing of a scientific research.

Still, it is a known fact that most people consider perfumes as catalysts of happiness. Catalysts are elements which are not a part of a reaction, but influence the reaction. Likewise, beautiful fragrances might not generate happiness directly, but surely act as indirect catalysts. Our minds have always associated perfumes with freshness and sweat with bad odor; this is nothing but the mental capacity of association as per experiences.

Even in some of the dullest moments, a fresh scent cajoles the mood of your mind and a foul smell will further put you down. All in all, there are a plethora of positive aspects which get connected to perfumes and scents due to the impact of psychology.

Another psychological aspect is that many people (of both the sexes) believe that fragrances for women have better aroma ingredients for an added effect. This might be because perfumes and women have been compared since ages now.

Lastly one of the most fascinating psychological facets of designer fragrances are the celebrity endorsed perfumes and their sales. Designer fragrances are nothing but ways to assimilate fragrances into our day today lives. Fans in particular might be able to taste a slice of their favorite celebrity’s personality this way.

Even if you buy men's fragrances or fragrances for women or even designer fragrances , psychology plays a role to an extent that it is said – we buy what’s in our mind.  This article explains certain well accepted psychological aspects of perfumes and their influence.

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