Insights into the World of Designer Fragrances and Celebrity Endorsed Perfumes

Published: 03rd October 2011
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There is a growing trend of celebrities launching their own fragrances, scents and colognes in the United States and the impact has fast spread across the globe. Celebrity endorsed perfumes are a class apart, a rage that has shaped well and accepted by a larger chunk of audience. It is seen that pop stars, film actors, models, fashion designers and even sports persons have a brand of perfumes in their name.

Some popular celebrities who have managed to make a mark with perfumes and scents named after them include:

Britney Spears

Shania Twain

Maria Carey

Celine Dion etc.

There are a host of many other popular and successful celebrities who have had their names and thereby their essence collected in small bottles of happiness, aka perfumes.

When it comes to celebrities endorsing perfumes, there are certain aspects which fall in line effectively. Perfumes, colognes and scents have celebrities associated via at least one of the following methodologies:

Fragrances dedicated to an individual celebrity

Fragrances styled ( manufactured in this context) according to a celebrity’s persona

Fragrances being given names in honor of certain celebrities

Celebrities launching their own fragrances

Fans and the general public get easily connected to a particular fragrance manufactured according to the style of a particular personality.

Like there are 2 sides of every coin, there are certain inconveniences of celebrity endorsed fragrances and even designer fragrances. First being the cost factor and second being the limited availability.

Cost is the result of the ‘line of business’ which accommodates a host of charges like the rate of production, marketing, distribution etc. apart from a percentage of profit. As personal fragrance collections are mostly launched by celebrities, there is a good amount of cost which shoots the price range, even if the breakeven analysis is taken into consideration.

Apart from the line of business, the other important aspect of production is the demand to supply ratio, which in such cases is mildly related to speculation. Hence, some designer perfumes and most celebrity launched fragrances are produced as limited editions, which actually helps the product to be more valuable (discount designer fragrances after a considerable timeframe can also be availed). You can easily buy perfume online and celebrity endorsed fragrances are no different.

From fragrances for women to designer fragrances, and from discount men's cologne to end-of-season discounts in brands of fragrance, there are celebrities either endorsing such products or directly launching the series. This article takes you through the fascinating relation between designer fragrances and celebrity perfume brands.

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