Job Opportunities as a Photographer

Published: 30th March 2011
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Photography is the art of writing a poem with the help of a camera. The best part about this art is that most people are happy to be clicked; they would even pose for the same. The magic a professional photographer creates revolves around a camera, lens, lighting (computers have also been added now) and the subject. Let us understand some other aspects.

Training Based Requirements

If you are interested, a professional short term course will help you get a stronghold in this profession. 1 year certification courses are considered as a perquisite for being a photographer because it involves various technical aspects.

Career Prospects

Job opportunities for a photographer include newspapers, other forms of print media, (television and magazines) government aspects and also as teachers in film or acting based institutes. Medicine based photography is often contract based but provides decent remuneration. Freelance photographers are also required during research, projects and other private/public ventures.
Photographers can also setup their own practice which has a decent requirement and patronage from the general public.


Like fashion photography (based on the subject of fashion), other aspects of photography include subfields like wildlife photography, medical photography, wedding photography, press photography and art based photography.

To get a better understanding of photography, some common myths are discussed below.

Myth 1 – Photography doesn’t involve technical aspects.
Truth – Photography is as technical as other technological professions; it is just that the impetus is on art here.

Myth 2 – Men are better photographers.
Truth – Photography is an art where a person sees something from the creative aspect, then clicks it and develops an impression of it. Now is this something which only men can do? No!! Women can excel in this profession if they are fine being on both sides of the camera.

Myth 3 – Photography is not a respected profession.
Truth – Photography indulges in creativity so like all creative fields, this profession also commands the same line of respect.

Lastly, with a tint of glamour, the scope and role of a photographer is increasing rapidly so many institutions arranging many workshops and even courses are getting accommodated by private schools and colleges.

Being a photographer , you can have varied job opportunities ranging from the publishing industry to starting a studio. When you have decided to make camera your tool, you just need proper learning, training and experience to fly as a photographer.

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