Milan Institute of Cosmetology Helps Students with Financial Aids and Career Services

Published: 21st April 2011
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An institute educating Cosmetology, Milan Institute has been preparing its students for workforce since 1985 when it first made its appearance on the scene. A couple of highlights of the institute are financial aids and career services offered to its students.

Brief Background

Located in San Antonio, in the Ingram Park in Texas, a leading state of United States, the institute offers training in cosmetology. It was established in 1985.

Campus Feature

Milan Institute has 18 campuses located throughout the western part of United States. Institute has its main campus at Visalia where the Cosmetology training is imparted. It also has campuses in Bakersfield, El Paso, Concord, Clovis, Fairfield, La Quinta, and Visalia, Idaho at Boise and Nampa, Nevada at Reno and Sparks, and Texas at Amarillo and San Antonio.


School is accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences (NACCAS). Main campus at Visalia offers the Cosmetology program through its training center there. It is also an accredited program.

Programs Offered

Milan Institute offers the following programs for its students.

Quality training programs in beauty;
Allied health programs;
Business and massage therapy;
Administrative Medical Assistant;
Cosmetology where you can get operator license as well;
Facials specialist;
Dental assistant;
Healthcare billing and coding;
Massage therapy;
Medical assistance; and
Office Administration and therapy.
Main campus at Visalia offers the Cosmetology program through its training center there. It is also an accredited program.

Financial Aids at Milan Institute

Milan Institute offers federal, state, institutional, and local financial aid services for its students. Aids offered by private agencies are also available. Most of the recipients are provided with a combo package combining more than one financial aid programs. Aspirant students have to complete the FAFSA application. Apart from the scholarships and grants, loans for the students are also available. The school also participates in the Title IV Federal Financial Assistance Program that is authorized by the United States Department of Education. Detailed information on financial aids in the university is available in the student’s financial aid guide.

Other Career Services

Career services are offered by the career service staff of the institute in the campus. These include –

Professional development;
Job development;
Resume creation;
Job search assistance;
Referrals to community support services; and
All qualified graduates are also eligible for career services.
Institute offers career support to students to achieve their goals from the very first day in the institute.

State university website is the comprehensive US elementary directory of universities in United States and gives details of educational institutions offering extensive financial aids and career services like Milan Institute. The site also offers college rankings for its viewers.

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