The Mantra for Meritorious Students - Become Doctor

Published: 04th May 2011
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Choosing a career has many angles to it; interest of a pupil, career scope and most importantly the financial prospects. For students who are interested in medicine, research, sciences and social work, there is a professional field which combines all the above aspects: becoming a doctor.

Educational Aspects

Entrance and competitive tests are the gateway towards a medical school for aspirants who want to enter the field of medicine and surgery. The entrance test (known as MCAT - medical college admission test) for a seat in a medical college is considered the toughest pre-admission test of all genres. Another interesting and important part of the MCAT exams is that it requires students to write an essay on the topic why do I want to become a doctor? Apart from entrance tests, prior grades are also considered.

During the 4 year course in a premed school, the impetus is on major branches of science like chemistry, biology and physics apart from math. Students start preparing for entrance tests and volunteer at clinics and hospitals to gain experience and knowledge mostly after the completion of the 2nd year.

After the premed part, comes the medical school program. The first 2 years in a medical school will have impetus on the theoretical part mostly and later on, students will start working with healthcare professionals and doctors. This process is called the clinical rotation. During clinical rotations, students assist and work with specialists in the fields of medicine, radiology, ER, neurology etc. It is this clinical rotation journey where students actually get to know their interests, after which they can go for specializations in that area. All in all, being a doctor takes almost 10 years of your educational life, making this educational learning as the longest of all fields, but the most exciting as well.

Salary aspects are awesome, with doctors earning excellent remuneration all over the world. Hospitals, clinics, government sectors, medical colleges, defense forces and many medical oriented establishments hire specialized and general doctors. Still, a good number of doctors opt for private practice or a combination of private practice and hospital visits.

Good University directories are like the Cambridge encyclopedia which accommodates all important information (careers in this regard). If your ambition contains the words - become doctor, then there are ample of unbiased and appropriate educational directories.

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