Underlying Differences between Natural and Synthetic Fragrances

Published: 03rd October 2011
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Natural fragrances have been around since the ancient times. People in Rome, Egypt, Persia, India and many other countries devised the art of preparing perfumes from natural sources hundreds of years ago. Synthetic perfumes, on the other hand, are only few decades old. However, this is not the only point of difference between the two sets of fragrances. Discussed below are many underlying differences you must know before selecting perfume from a particular category.

Type of Scent

Natural fragrances have scents that resemble to those of the base materials. For instance, floral fragrances maintain the scents of the flowers they are obtained from. Synthetic perfumes may or may not resemble the scents of their natural counterparts. It purely depends upon the type of compounds used for their preparation on the basis of which they may have unique scents or those found in natural fragrances.

Types of Compounds

Most people are of the view that artificially prepared fragrances are more allergic to skin because of the compounds they contain. The fact is that a natural fragrance may have thousands of chemical compounds, much more than a synthetic fragrance. Natural fragrances may cause allergies, though negative effects caused by synthetic fragrances may be much more severe. This is the reason that careful selection of fragrances is required to match one’s skin sensitivity level.

Preparation Difficulty Level

Natural perfumes and fragrances are more difficult to prepare as compared to synthetic fragrances. First of all, it involves a number of efforts to extract them from raw material. Going further, maintaining consistency in their compositions is a difficult task as well. Synthetic perfumes, on the other hand, are prepared in laboratories and no extraction is required. Moreover, they show more consistency.

Availability and Price

Synthetic perfumes are considered to be more accessible, but not in the modern age of internet. Designer fragrances prepared from natural sources can be easily found at online stores. In terms of prices, natural fragrances cost more than synthetic fragrances because of more number of efforts involved in their preparation. However, discount fragrances for men and discount perfumes for women, prepared from natural sources, can nowadays be found online.

Choosing between natural and synthetic fragrances should largely depend upon the way your skin responds to them. Consider the health factors involved before making the choice.

Availability of discount designer fragrances and discount perfumes for women and men extend their reach to a wide range of buyers. Those buying natural or synthetic designer fragrances must also learn about the tips on how to buy fragrances for women or men. Find guidance from fragrance experts in this direction.

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