Why to avoid begging and pleading after breakup?

Published: 23rd June 2011
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True love never takes such considerations of begging and pleading. No relation can tie its knot for long, if begging and pleading are part of their relationship. But when it comes to saving your relation at any cost, it becomes a necessary part. When you feel helpless and none of your notions responding, individual often knelt down and start begging and pleading.

No individual is bold enough to accept breakup at once. And if they are part of true love, it gets tougher. They try their level best to get their love back. Finally, when they find empty hands, they will be left with no choices except begging and pleading. At such times, they never realize, they are making biggest mistake of their life.

Avoid begging and pleading after breakup:

" No partner loves that guy or a girl, who is needy. You plead or beg only if you need some thing back in your life. Your true love and emotions should have such strong tendency which could attract your love towards you rather than begging and pleading. That could simply ruin the situation and you find it more badly, later on.
" For men: It looks beautiful on screen, when actor knelt down hi head and begs his love. It's not a part of real life story. Don't forget strength, confidence and maturity is the basis of males. There isn't anything attractive about looking pathetic and desperate. It diminishes your worth and women usually hate to see his men falling down for her love.

Even if he does fall for your offer of presents or your promise to do things as he wants them done, the relationship will not be a good one.

" For women: Almost 95% of women make such mistake. Males are not that weak from their heart in comparison to women's. It's not much of difference for men and women but begging and pleading is a sign of desperation. You should never beg and plead to your ex boyfriend to come back to you. In such scenarios, he will feel giant size and up above your head.

Would you find a begging and pleading guy attractive to you in terms of personality? Would you feel comfortable if there was a guy begging you to be his girlfriend? Act normal like you normally would and your ex boyfriend will find you easy to talk to.

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