Wilmot Proviso

Published: 12th May 2011
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Defining the Wilmot Proviso
The slavery issue is a dominant part of law studies, and more so in American based universities. One of the major factors which effected the slavery issue was what is referred to as the Wilmot Proviso.
Basically, back in 1846, a congressman of the time by the name of David Wilmot introduced an amendment to a bill. At the time the Mexican war was underway.
David Wilmot suggested that slavery should be banned in any territories that the US manages to seize in Mexico. This was basically his way of showing that the expansion of slavery should be stopped.
Slavery is definitely not a positive thing, and the first step to eventually put a stop to it was to put a ban from having it from expanding further.

How Events Followed

This amendment proved to be a rather crucial step in US history and in law studies. Although initially it was not voted for, it was again proposed in the following year. The Wilmot proviso passed the House of Representatives, but when Senate voted, it was not a point of agreement. The Senate was, in basic terms, divided between Northerners and Southerners, whereas in the House of Representatives there was a slight majority of Northerners.
Slavery was a hot issue at the time, and was highly favoured by the Southerners who wanted it to be legalized. However the Northerners believed that slavery was not right both in moral and economic terms. As a result, there was a forced type of consensus where a balance was achieved and none of the sides won.

The Results and Effects

As a matter of fact, this scenario is said to have contributed to the unrest between the two sides, which later on led towards the Civil war. In fact the Wilmot Proviso is said to have brought about substantial effects in these settings, and these greatly contributed to the politicization of slavery and its related matters. By taking things into perspective one can say that such circumstances from the US history, effected not only the way events evolved, but also the track of mind of generations and to this day, the effects can still be felt in law studentsí minds. One has to express his opinion on such fundamental matters, and related areas in law studies have been effected by the Wilmot proviso and related factors.

The Wilmot Proviso has had an impact on the slavery issue and consequently it is still being given importance. An overview of this proviso and the effect it had on the slavery issue can be found online in sites such as the Cambridge Encyclopaedia and sites dealing with American history.

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